News | 22 Mar 2023

IfM students collaborate with our team for upcoming product launch

We recently had the pleasure of hosting two master’s degree students from the University of Cambridge, Thomas and Francisco, for two weeks as part of their studies in Industrial Systems, Manufacturing and Management.

Our partnership with academic institutions such as the Institute for Manufacturing is just one of the ways that we invest in the next generation of talent. We value collaborating with students as they bring a fresh perspective to our work and help us enhance our products and services. We also believe in providing hands-on experiences to students to equip them with the skills needed for their future careers.

During their industrial project, both students provided impactful recommendations and contributed to our upcoming product launch. Their final presentation exceeded our expectations, and we were impressed with their deep understanding of the subject. We appreciate having young talent such as these two students contribute to our team and provide fresh ideas that help us stay ahead in the industry.

Stay tuned for news about our upcoming product launch in the coming months!