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Easy-to-use database solution

Kinabase is adaptable and fits the way you want to work.

From companies and contacts, to project management and workflows - you can manage whatever you need to, with ease.

Our unique and intelligent data structure enables you to flexibly adapt Kinabase to your processes, and turn on only the features you need - giving you an edge over your competition using traditional rigid systems such as CRM and ERP.

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Get started How it works

Step 1

Create collections

Collections are lists of things you want to organise. These can be anything from companies and contacts, to expenses, vehicles and equipment.

Add fields to a collection to structure your information. You can add text, number or dropdown fields, alongside many more.

Start using our AI-powered generator, choose a proven template, or build your own from scratch.

Step 2

Create records

Records are the specific things you want to keep track of, and they live within a collection.

For example, you could have a “Cambridge Kinetics” record in your Suppliers collection.

You can easily import records from other systems and spreadsheets in a few clicks, using CSV files.

Step 3

Enable the features you need

Kinabase allows you to enable features on collections, so you can:

  • Organise your documents
  • Log what’s happened with activities
  • Integrate with your emails and phone system
  • Manage your tasks
  • Facilitate processes and workflows
  • Show related records
  • Control your data with roles & permissions

Turn on as much, or as little, as you need, at no extra cost.

Powerful tools that help you get your job done.


Track emails, notes, meetings and phone calls, and stay on top of what's happening.


Stay on top of the jobs that need doing, who's doing them and when they're due.


Capture images and upload files, and keep your documents in one sensible place.


Set up processes to follow for your sales, projects and more.


Simplify repetitive tasks, and notify the right people, at the right times.

Roles & Permissions

Ensure users have access to the information they need, in full confidence.


See what matters to you - your tasks, your activities and your reports.


Get visibility of your data, with powerful filters, data visualisations and charts.


Allow users to sign off on expenses, jobs, documents and more.


Connect to Microsoft 365, Outlook and SharePoint. With a full developer API.

Risk Management

Manage impact and likelihood of risks, and track mitigation actions.

Engineering & Measurements

Manage measurements with full SI unit support and accurate conversions.

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Latest features

Feature Update
Create new records using advanced automations
Create new records using advanced automations

23 Feb 2024

Create new records using advanced automations

One of our newest features expands upon the automations function to add new records when an event happens.

Feature Update
Track when things happen with Date Ranges
Track when things happen with Date Ranges

15 Feb 2024

Track when things happen with Date Ranges

Add date ranges in your collections to see planned and actual dates for projects, events, jobs, and more.

Feature Update
Minimise repetitive tasks with Automations
Minimise repetitive tasks with Automations

08 Feb 2024

Minimise repetitive tasks with Automations

Create “If... Then...” automations to eliminate manual data entry and streamline your workflows.