Built by the award-winning experts at Cambridge Kinetics, in the heart of the UK’s technology cluster.

SME Business Award Winner 2021SME National Business Award Winner 2022

We believe there is a smarter way for growing businesses to manage their information. That your data and projects – however complex – can be managed, monitored, and accessed simply, securely, and efficiently to take the pain out of day-to-day business management.

Our mission is to empower businesses to focus on what matters, through effective and efficient software.

That’s why we built Kinabase.

SME Business Award Winner 2021SME National Business Award Winner 2022
Why Kinabase?

Solutions you can rely on

Our friendly and reliable team specialise in improving business processes through software, applying our extensive experience and creativity into impactful solutions that meet your needs. Our team is exceptionally capable - combining expertise in design, development, management, and engineering, with experience across diverse sectors from agriculture to medical.

Working as a team with you, we’re highly collaborative and people-focused, enabling us to break down barriers and deliver the highest quality results you deserve and expect. Sometimes that involves setting up Kinabase out-of-the box, and other times developing bespoke solutions that fit your needs exactly.

We always consider the bigger picture, considering your wider aims and goals, to ensure we always deliver cost effective and future-proof software results.

Engineering excellence

We're committed to quality - delivering robust, reliable and reputable software outcomes that you can depend on.

Award-winning talent

All our team members are highly-qualified, with decades of combined experience delivering results.

Trusted partner

We pride ourselves in being upfront and honest at all times, so you can trust us to do our best to help you.

ISO 9001 certification

Cyber Essentials Plus certification
Cyber Essentials Plus certificationISO 9001 certification


What's behind the name?

Kinabase is about empowering organisations to move faster with better systems. We chose Kinabase because it's a powerful blend of the two concepts, kinetics (meaning motion) and databases.

Kinetics embodies the concepts of movement and energy. In scientific terms, it refers to the study of forces acting on objects in motion - and the word is inherited from our parent company, Cambridge Kinetics.
Databases represent a collection of organised data or information. In our case, this can include detailed project information, work-related data, customer management records, and more, all methodically organised into an accessible format.
Founded in Cambridge, UK

Our story

Cambridge Kinetics was founded by Jason Mashinchi, in response to the challenges with organising information seen day-to-day in hundreds of businesses across Cambridgeshire.

Having seen first-hand how companies struggle developing and rolling out new software systems, and the pain incompatible and incoherent systems can cause, Jason decided to develop Kinabase to address this need and empower individuals to focus on what actually matters.

Combining computer science experience with manufacturing and operations know-how has proven a powerful combination. The business is growing rapidly, helping solve core business challenges, identifying the right approach to business software and solving real problems for a wide variety of organisations.

Jason Mashinchi

Managing Director

Jason has a masters degree in Industrial Systems, Manufacturing and Management from Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, achieving the award of distinction. He also has a first-class degree in Computer Science. As an experienced software engineer, Jason has successfully delivered projects for a wide range of well-known organisations.