Integrate with Kinabase

Kinabase has a powerful API to explore – allowing you to build private integrations, apps or workflows on top of Kinabase, saving time and enhancing user experiences.

Why use the API?

The Kinabase API provides several benefits to both developers and businesses that will further increase the usability of the system.

Time savings and improved efficiency: Help reduce repetitive tasks and automate these processes and tasks, allowing your team to focus your resources on what truly matters – getting more customers or building exceptional user experiences.

Effortless integration: Our API is easy to use and so integrating into your applications will be seamless and effortless.

Scalability: Scale your system as your business grow, the API is capable of handling increasing data and user demands.

Who can use the API?

The API is designed for developers, and managed at an organisation level by your Kinabase administrators.

The API operates independently of individual user accounts, and that means you have control over what access the API has to your Kinabase set-up, and there is full traceability about what systems using the API are doing.


Refer to our technical API documentation for detailed information on endpoints, request/response formats, and authentication methods.