Manage Activities

No matter what your collection is tracking, you will be able to see changes and record notes to form a timeline. This provides you with a history that you or your users can access at any time.

Not all collections allow activity entries - your administrator can choose.

Adding an Activity

  • From the Sidebar, select the Collection that contains the record to which you want to add an activity.
  • Choose the record that you want to add an activity to from the list that is shown. A search might help if you are dealing with a substantial collection of data.
  • Select the Activities tab. If the tab does not show then this collection does not support activities. Speak to your administrator to see if they can be enabled.
Activity tab
  • Select the blue Add button. An Add Activity form will then appear.
Add activity window
  • Select the type of activity that you want to record. The list is managed by your administrator and should contain relevant actions.
  • Enter the content. This can be any text and could be a short note, copy of an email or key bullet points from a meeting.
  • Optionally, use the change date button (with a calendar and clock icon) to select when you want to timestamp the activity. This defaults to now, but can be changed to any time that reflects the activity you are entering.
  • Click the Add button to add the new Activity. If you enable the "Add another?" toggle beforehand, the form will stay open to allow you to add multiple activities more quickly.

Amending an Activity

You may occasionally want to amend an activity entry that you have made. Perhaps you made a mistake when adding it or you want to include some extra information to help users. Editing an activity record is straight forward. Please note, you can only amend an activity that has been manually created. It is not possible to amend an automatically generated activity.

  • From the Sidebar select the Collection that contains the record with the activity you want to amend.
  • Choose the record that contains the activity that you need to amend. A search might help if you are dealing with a substantial number of records.
  • On the side panel, select the Activities tab.
Edit activities button
  • Find the activity in the list of activities that are showing, and click on the Options menu (⋯) to the right to display the menu.
  • Select Edit from the menu. An activity form will appear.
  • Make any necessary changes.
  • To save your changes click the Save button.