Default Values for Fields

To simplify your data entry process, you can set a default value for date/time, number, or option fields when configuring a collection. That way, whenever you create a new record, it will pre-fill the boxes based on the values you set and save you time.

For example, you can set an "Start Date" field to automatially be set to now (the current date), or automatically set a "Status" field to "Open" when creating a new record.

default field

Here are the simple steps to use this feature:

  • Navigate to the top right corner of your screen and click on the three dots
  • Click “Configure”
  • Click on “Fields” under collection
  • Click on “Add Field,” and type the field you’d like to add
  • In the “Type” box, click on date/time, number, or option, and save the updates
  • If the field can use default values then you can fill out as shown in the image below:
  • Your records will now be saved with the exact date/time, number, or option you’ve selected

Please note, this feature is only accessible if you are your team’s Kinabase administrator.