Support/getting started

Signing In

Kinabase ensures the security of your data by implementing measures to control its access and usage. Only authorised individuals are permitted to view and utilise the records. When you sign in, you establish your identity, enabling Kinabase to display relevant information tailored specifically for you.

Never share your Kinabase password or let anyone use Kinabase when logged in as you.

To log in to Kinabase from anywhere visit

Sign in screen

If you have signed up to Kinabase with an email address, complete your email and password fields. This will take you straight into Kinabase.

If you registered via your Microsoft account then click the Sign in with Microsoft option. If you've already signed into your Microsoft account in this browser (for example, by using the Outlook website) then you will be taken straight into Kinabase. If not, you will be asked to log in and authenticate your Microsoft account, and be redirected back to Kinabase.

Forgotten password

If you used email to register your Kinabase account and have forgotten your password then use the Forgot password link to take steps to recover it.

Please be aware that our support team can not help with password recovery, as they do not have access to your passwords.

If you click on the Forgot password link, enter the email address that is associated with your account.

Please be patient, the email may take a few minutes to arrive. If it is still not visible, check your spam and email filters.

If the email is still not visible, then please double check the email address that you used to obtain the password reminder. It must be an exact match for the email address that you used to signed up to Kinabase.

When you receive the reset password email, click on the Reset your password link to be taken to Kinabase where you can set a new password.