Exporting Data

At Kinabase we know how important your data is to your company and operations, so we have made it as straightforward as possible for you to export it all.

As an administrator, you can easily Export your entire data set from Kinabase as .csv files. Follow the steps below to see how it is done.

  • Navigate to Settings, found by clicking on the your name in the bottom left-hand corner
  • Open the Import / Export tab - found under the System group
  • Click the arrow next to the Export button on the right hand side
  • Select what you would like to export based on your needs:
    • All Available collections
    • Selected collections
  • Your data will be downloaded as csv files - one for each collection.

Please note that for security reasons only your Kinabase administrators have permission to export all of your companies' data.

Congratulations, you have just exported your data. You're now free to do with it as you please.