Managing Records

Being familiar with entering data into Kinabase will enable you to maintain an updated system, enhancing its usefulness for your users and ensuring that your reports and charts remain current.

Adding records

  • On the Sidebar, select the Collection you want to add a record to.
  • On the top of the list of existing records that is displayed click the Add button.
  • This will bring up a form containing all of the fields that have been set up for the Collection. Enter a value for all that are appropriate.
  • Click the Add button to save your record in Kinabase. You can also select the Add another? option beforehand if you want to add another record straight away.
  • If a field is required then you may see a warning if you fail to enter a value.

Editing records

  • From the Sidebar, select the relevant Collection.
  • From the list of records shown, select the record that you want to edit.

You can now access the menu to edit in one of three ways:

  1. Select the record, and click the edit button on the record.
  2. Right click a record and select the edit option from the dropdown.
  3. Double click the record.
Edit Records Dropdown Option
  • You can now add data, edit existing data or remove data from each of the fields.
  • If you remove data from a field that is required then you may see a warning if you fail to enter a value.
  • Click the Save button to commit your changes to Kinabase.

Deleting records

Occasionally you may find that you have entered a record into Kinabase that you no longer need, have accidentally entered twice, or need to remove for compliance purposes. In any case, removing a record is easy.

  • From the Sidebar, select the Collection that contains the record that you want to remove.
  • Select the record from the list. Searching may help if you have a large dataset.
  • From the options menu (⋯) select Delete.
  • To continue with removing the record click Delete.
Delete Record

When you delete a record it is sent to the recently deleted tab of the collection.

You can access this tab by clicking the (...) and selecting Recently Deleted.

Navigate to Deleted Records

Once on the recently deleted tab, you can then select records and choose to either restore or permanently delete them.

If you do not choose to take any action the record will be permanently deleted after 30 days from being marked for deletion.

Navigate to Deleted Records

When a record is permanently deleted it can not be recovered in any way. Our support team do not have any ability to restore deleted records, so please use with care.