Send Emails

If you have a Collection that has an Email Field set up, you can use this to easily send emails to those addresses.

From the list of Collections on the Sidebar, select the relevant Collection.

If you are sending a single email, then the easiest way is to simply right click the record and select "Send email". This will prepare an email for you with the To field pre-filled.

If you want to send multiple emails, then use the checkbox at the far left hand side of your list to select the relevant records. Once done, you can then right click on any of the records and select "Send email" as above. This will put the email addresses in the BCC field of your email to avoid leaking them to the other recipients of the email. You can then move the email addresses to To and CC as required.

As an alternative to right clicking, you can select records using the checkboxes on the left of the table and then click the option button on the selection bar at the bottom.