Advanced Tasks

Importing Tasks

To import tasks you will first need to navigate to the Import / Export pane:

  1. Settings
  2. Import / Export
  3. Click the dropdown
  4. Select Tasks
task import location

Exporting Tasks

Follow the above navigation to the Import / Export pane.

  1. Click the Export dropdown, and select tasks.
  2. Select the collections from which you'll export the tasks.
Select task collections to export

Showing Tasks in Parent Records

This feature will enable you to see tasks from a parent record, for example if you have Contacts that have a Company field, you can go to contacts and and enable tasks to be seen from the Parent Company whenever a task is added to the Contact.

  1. Navigate to the Tasks Pane of the Collection Configuration.
  2. Select the Toggle for the Parent Collection you want to show your tasks in.
  3. Click Update to save the changes.
Show in parent.

Task Permissions

To learn about how to set permissions for tasks, please refer to the Task Permissions Section