Case Study

How a high performance IT services provider chose to grow with Kinabase

As Cambridge Support’s business grew, they needed a management software that grew with them.

Tired of paying high costs for custom solutions that didn’t exactly fit their needs, they began searching for a product they could migrate to that would be configurable to their unique specifications… and found Kinabase.

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About Cambridge Support:

Cambridge Support is an award-winning IT company with decades of industry experience. Cambridge Support provides a wide range of IT services such as managed IT support, consultancy, cloud migration services, Microsoft Teams, and network support. Their clients include small local businesses as well as national and international organisations.

The Problem:

Cambridge Support had a custom developed software system they’d been using for years, but as the company grew, the costs to maintaining and enhancing it were significant. Cambridge Support was looking for a new system that could grow, change, and expand with them as they themselves experienced rapid growth, without the high costs of another custom solution. To put it simply, Cambridge Support was looking for a “secure, flexible fit to our business rather than the other way round.”

Why Kinabase?

After creating an internal business and operations requirements list and assessing various products against it, Cambridge Support found that Kinabase aligned the best with their specifications.

“Kinabase was the closest fit for our needs. Kinabase offered us an exceptionally flexible solution that could be configured to perfectly fit our needs without the high cost of a custom solution. Although price was not the driving factor for us, it was a factor and Kinabase pricing was well within our budgets.”

Specifically, Cambridge Support loved Kinabase’s ability to quickly create data collections with its AI-driven logic. They appreciated that they could avoid creating “mini databases” in spreadsheets that would then have to be duplicated into the larger database system. Kinabase can be used by every team at their organisation, enabling all record-keeping and data collections to live in one single location.

Cambridge Support commented that even “our internal maintenance team have their own corner (called a collection) in Kinabase. Our staff can log even simple maintenance requests in the system, ensuring all jobs are recorded and acted on, and a historical record is kept.”

How has Kinabase helped solve your problem?

Cambridge Support reported that Kinabase “allowed us to replace multiple independent systems with one integrated solution. The ability to create workflows, notes, activity logs and permissions for every piece of information, made our compliance tasks much easier.”

Furthermore, Cambridge Support realised that Kinabase helped them save time and money as they reduced the number of various systems they paid for. Productivity rose as each team could efficiently see their project workflows in one place and get access to the right data.

In short, Kinabase “has made us more efficient and improved our control over our fast-growing business.”

Would you recommend Kinabase to others considering us?

Cambridge Support said - “Yes, try it! Evaluate and use Kinabase for three months and you will not switch back to your previous system.”

Additionally, Cambridge Support stated that the customer service they received from the Kinabase team was a driving factor in their decision to officially integrate Kinabase into their business.

“Someone can offer you the best product, but without customer service when you need it, it will be a waste of time. The Kinabase team care about our vision and went out of their way to help us.”

We are very happy to hear about Cambridge Support’s positive experience with our customer service team and appreciate their confidence in us as their chosen business management system provider. We look forward to the milestones and growth that will surely come at Cambridge Support as they continue to utilise Kinabase to fit their specific business needs.

For any IT support or security needs, please check out Cambridge Support over on their website.

For more information about Kinabase, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01223 626262.

Feature Update
Stay in the loop, get notified when records change stage
Stay in the loop, get notified when records change stage

07 Jun 2024

Stay in the loop, get notified when records change stage

Maximise productivity and ensure your team are notified whenever relevant things happen with Kinabase’s intelligent workflow automations.

Feature Update
Run automations whenever specific conditions are met
Run automations whenever specific conditions are met

31 May 2024

Run automations whenever specific conditions are met

Kinabase now includes conditional automations that only run if certain conditions are met. For example, notify your director when an expense surpasses a £100 threshold.

Feature Update
Boost your productivity with automation shortcuts on right-click
Boost your productivity with automation shortcuts on right-click

28 May 2024

Boost your productivity with automation shortcuts on right-click

Create automations that you can trigger by right-clicking on your records. This feature is especially useful when you need to quickly update records or trigger a specific action without having to navigate away from the record.