Managing Colleagues

Adding a Colleague

  • Click on the "Colleagues" button near the top of the Sidebar
  • If you click on Invite users you will then be taken to the Users tab of the Settings menu.
  • Click on Invite and you will then be able to input the First Name, Last Name and Email of the colleague
  • Once you have done this click on OK.
  • Your colleague will receive an email within a few minutes, with a link to get started with Kinabase.

Removing a Colleague

  • Click on the User menu at the bottom left side of the Sidebar.
  • Select Settings from the menu.
  • Select Users from the Navigation Pane.
  • To make a change, click on the Options menu (⋯).
  • To remove a colleague click Deactivate.
  • Click Deactivate again to complete the deactivation.

Making a Colleague an Admin

Administrators have the authority to carry out certain restricted functions in Kinabase. In order to make a User an Administrator, you will need to grant them specific permissions.

  • Click on the User Menu and select Settings.
  • From the Sidebar, select Users
  • Next to the User that you want to make an administrator, select the Options menu (⋯)
  • From the pop-up menu select "Make [user's name] an admin"
  • Click on Change Role.
  • The permission change will take affect immediately.

If you made a mistake or you want to remove the administrator rights from the user then follow the steps above but select "Make [name] a regular user".