News | 29 Feb 2024

Empowering Innovation: How Cambridge students improved Kinabase for manufacturers

For the past six weeks we have been joined at Cambridge Kinetics by four master’s degree students who are currently studying Industrial Systems, Manufacturing and Management at the University of Cambridge, with the Institute for Manufacturing. The student’s brief was to help improve product market positioning and identify areas where we can better serve growing manufacturers, following the launch of our innovative new product Kinabase.

Lars, Tyler, Reina and Sayyid, have been undertaking market analysis with the goal of improving Kinabase and reaching the businesses we can help the most. The students have a varied background: Lars has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from DHBW Mannheim; Tyler has a BEng in Engineering from The Open University; Reina has an MSc in International Business from Queen Mary, London and Sayyid has a BSc in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

We have been hugely impressed with the students insight, culminating in an amazing closing presentation which has given us lots to contemplate as we take Kinabase forward. In the short time they have been with us, Lars, Tyler, Reina and Sayyid have had an amazing impact and we wish them well for the future.