News | 05 Jun 2024

Behind the Scenes: Our video shoot with Define Creative

Last week, we had a wonderful day filming our team in action, and recording product demonstrations at our offices in Cambridge. We're incredibly grateful to our creative partner, Define Creative, and our team for their hard work and dedication.

Behind the Scenes

The production team from Define Creative has been fantastic, guiding us through the process and adjusting to our schedules seamlessly. Their expertise and professionalism made the filming process smooth and enjoyable; we really loved their insights, and they helped us make the most of the video. We’re eagerly looking forward to watching the final cut soon!

We also want to express our gratitude to Reuben Isbitsky, from Innovate UK, for his heartfelt testimonial about Kinabase. Reuben highlighted how Kinabase is an excellent tool for SMEs and fits well across all types of businesses. His words reinforce our commitment to providing a versatile and effective business management solution.

Laura in action - being filmed.Our managing director explaining how Kinabase works.

What’s Next?

We believe in the power of visual storytelling to showcase the strengths and capabilities of Kinabase. This video will not only highlight our product features but also bring out the passion and dedication of our team. We’re confident it will provide valuable insights into how Kinabase can make your business management more efficient and effective.

For more updates and to be the first to see the new video, keep an eye on our social media channels.

Thank you for being part of the Kinabase journey!