News | 28 Nov 2023

Kinabase Impresses at Cambs B2B Exhibition at Duxford

On 22 November, Managing Director Jason Mashinchi and Business Growth Manager Nick Miller set up the Kinabase booth at popular Cambs B2B Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. The setting for the exhibition was the RAF plane hangar, creating an exciting ‘larger-than-life’ atmosphere where businesses from all over the UK could come to share their products and services. Besides being a place to talk about Kinabase to prospective customers, all attendees were given the chance to attend informative talks and speed networking sessions.

Nick taking time to explain kinabase

Booth 71 was constantly busy as Jason and Nick took time to explain how Kinabase could be used for business cases such as human resources consulting, property management, recruitment pathways, volunteer scheduling, and shipping. Not only did they discuss customer questions, but they also actually built database examples and watched as Kinabase used its impressive AI capabilities to generate solutions before their eyes. One notable experience was asking Kinabase to generate a database to manage personnel and jobs for a large house-keeping company. This company was impressed with Kinabase because for the first time, they found a software that addressed their specific needs in terms of functionality and nomenclature.

“ There is a large demand for this type of platform from SMEs that do not have other affordable options to manage their business operations.

— Nick Miller, Business Growth Manager

The interest garnered at the Cambs B2B exhibition demonstrated that Kinabase has obvious benefits as a business software solution in terms of efficiency, productivity, and organisation. Not only this, Kinabase also has use cases across a variety of industries and business models. We can’t wait to follow up with the contacts made at the exhibition and get Kinabase integrated into their everyday business operations.

We’d like to thank the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce for organising this incredible event, and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.