Single and bulk email sending

21 Jun 2023

Single and bulk email sending

Feature Update|21 Jun 2023

Single and bulk email sending

Single and bulk email sending

We've added a shortcut to be able to send emails directly from Kinabase. By right clicking on any collection with an email field, you can single or multi-select multiple records, and compose an email in a few clicks.

Saving you from having to copy and paste, or even worse, typing them in again.

Communicating with your customers is at the heart of business and email is an important route for that. It's therefore critical that you're easily able to generate emails efficiently.

Kinabase uses your existing email client - Outlook, Gmail, or whatever you have selected - to actually send the email. This means there is no new interface to learn and you can finalise and hit send on the email when you're ready.

The Kinabase update also includes a safeguard to prevent you accidentally sharing email addresses with your clients; If sending an email to 2 or more people then it safely puts the email addresses in the Bcc field, meaning that users won't see other people's email addresses.

We are confident that this feature will help many Kinabase users generate their emails more effectively, save time and improve accuracy of their communications.

Enjoying our new feature?

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