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Reorganise tabs on your records

04 Jan 2024

Reorganise tabs on your records

Feature Update|04 Jan 2024

Reorganise tabs on your records

Reorganise tabs on your records

This new Kinabase feature allows you to reorder and/or hide your record tabs within a collection so that you see the most important information first.

What are record tabs? Record tabs show the activities and tasks associated with a record, and they also show records that are associated from other collections. This makes it easy to navigate to the relevant information quickly and smoothly.

To use the feature, follow the steps below:

  • Once in your collection page, click on a record
  • Right-click on any of the record tabs, such as Tasks, Activities, Projects, or Details. You’ll see a button appear to “move right,” “move left,” or “hide tab”
  • Unhide a tab by clicking on the “plus” sign and selecting the tab you want to make visible again

This makes it possible for you to immediately see applicable record information and stop scrolling through multiple tabs to find what you need.

Please note, this reorganisation is only possible if you are your team’s Kinabase administrator.

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