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Print out your records in a few clicks

21 Mar 2024

Print out your records in a few clicks

Feature Update|21 Mar 2024

Print out your records in a few clicks

Print out your records in a few clicks

We're excited to announce the latest feature update in Kinabase: the ability to print out your records. This new functionality empowers users to generate physical copies of their record data, enhancing accessibility and convenience in various scenarios.

The printout includes a physical copy of your record data, such as the unique reference number, name, description, workflow stage, notes, and any other field within your record. It also includes a QR code to easily locate the digital record in Kinabase, alongside the timestamp indicating the date and time of printing. 

Printing out record data benefits many different types of users, such as businesses that deal with physical equipment and goods like manufacturers, suppliers, and inventory warehouses. Users may also want to have physical copy of their important records for compliance and official documentation purposes. Furthermore, the ability to annotate records during meetings or brainstorming sessions is made possible with this new feature. Printing out record data is also useful for organisations doing physical sign-ups, surveys, and questionnaires that they want to house in Kinabase. 

To utilize this feature, simply navigate to the three dots in the top right corner of your record and select "Print" from the dropdown menu (second option). This action will direct you to a "Print Preview" page, where you can initiate printing by clicking the blue "Print" button. From there, your computer's printer settings and specifications will guide you through the printing process. You can also save the printout as a PDF file for future reference.

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