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Maintain high quality data with duplicate prevention

10 Jul 2024

Maintain high quality data with duplicate prevention

Feature Update|10 Jul 2024

Maintain high quality data with duplicate prevention

Maintain high quality data with duplicate prevention

Our latest feature is a practical one – Kinabase will now let you know if duplicate data exists before you add a new record or import new files, ensuring your data stays clean and organised. We’ve seen this problem come up again and again as users add the same data twice and must deal with the pain of sorting through duplicate information and the ensuing miscommunication between teammates.

To eliminate this issue, we levelled up Kinabase to be able to scan your data and give you visibility over duplication. Kinabase can either give you an immediate duplication warning about duplicate data as it is being uploaded, or entirely prevent duplicate imports by showing an error message. This also applies when users are adding new fields; if Kinabase detects there is already a “location” field, for example, it will warn you and point to the existing field by showing an error message next to it.

Enabling this feature is easy. Simply go to the “validation” tab of collection configurations and find the “unique fields” section. Click on the field dropdown box and select a field you want to be notified about regarding duplicate data. From here, you have the option for Kinabase to “show warning” or “show error” when duplicate data is imported. Now, whenever new records are added, Kinabase will check to ensure the data in these fields is original and accurate and will either notify or prevent you from entering the data.

For all the advanced features Kinabase offers, this one might just save you the most time. We know you’ll experience increased data quality management and organisation by utilising this new setting.

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