Run automations whenever specific conditions are met

31 May 2024

Run automations whenever specific conditions are met

Feature Update|31 May 2024

Run automations whenever specific conditions are met

Run automations whenever specific conditions are met

You asked, we delivered. Kinabase now includes conditional automations that only occur if certain conditions are met. Conditional automations empower businesses to respond dynamically to real-time data. They trigger the same possible actions as regular automations but will only occur only when specified criteria are met.

Setting your conditions:

Automations can be set to trigger whenever records in specific collections are added, updated, right-clicked or change stage. Specific conditions can be put on this trigger, based on the information within the record in question, or the user themselves.

Think of these conditions like “if” questions.
You can even stipulate multiple conditions by using “and/or” logic.

Use the drop-downs in the Automation building window to tailor these conditions to your requirements and make sure the automations occur exactly when they are needed.

Conditional Automations can:

  • Add a task
  • Send a notification
  • Create a record
  • Update an existing record

Let’ say you have an expenses process – and you need the managing director to review any expenses over a £100 threshold. With conditional automations, you can automatically send a notification to your managing director when this expenses limit is surpassed.

Imagine another scenario where a sales record surpasses a predefined monetary threshold. A conditional automation can be triggered to instantaneously notify the user's manager, fostering proactive oversight and potential upselling opportunities.

Or maybe you are managing a complex internal project with many due dates. Conditional automations can be programmed to pre-emptively generate reminder tasks three days before each critical due date. This proactive approach ensures that team members are well-informed and empowered to deliver on time.

The possibilities are endless

There are no limits to what you can create with conditional automations, no matter what industry you are in. Inventory management can be optimized by triggering automatic restocking orders when inventory levels dip below a designated threshold. Customer service can be revolutionized by intelligently routing support tickets to the most qualified team member based on the nature of the inquiry... and so much more!

From streamlining operations and accelerating lead times to enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring project accuracy, this technology offers an avenue for comprehensive business optimization. By strategically harnessing conditional automations, organizations can unlock a new paradigm of efficiency and growth.

Enjoying our new feature?

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