Managing Tasks

Every business, team and individual has tasks that are essential to keep their project and company working smoothly. Tasks might be a simple instruction or action a team member needs to complete.

In Kinabase you can create & manage your tasks directly against the records and documents that matter, making your working life easier.

Enabling Tasks

Before you can begin using tasks against records within a collection, you will first need to enable tasks against that collection.

This can be done in one of two ways.

  1. When creating the collection you can enable tasks.
  2. Go to the Task pane within the collection configuration.

To get to the collection configuration right click on the collection in the navbar on the left hand side of the screen, and then click configure.

Select tasks from the options and you will be displayed with this screen:

Enable tasks toggle

After clicking the toggle to enable tasks, you will now be able to use them against records in this collection.

Creating a Task

To Create a task:

  1. View the target record you want the task against and click on the task tab.
  2. Click on the Add task... placeholder text.
  3. Type out the task you want.
  4. Press enter to create the task.
Create task

Renaming a Task

To rename a task, left click on the task, enter the new name, and click save.

Rename task

Editing a Task

To begin editing a task you can either right click the task, or select (⋯) to summon the dropdown.

From here you're able to:

  1. Set the due date.
  2. Set the status.
  3. Set/unset assignees.
Edit task dropdown

You can also delete the task from here as well.

Setting a Task as Complete

Once you've completed a task you will need to mark it as complete, you are able to do this either by:

  1. Following the above step of editing and selecting status > completed.
  2. Clicking the circle on the left hand side of the task.

You can view completed tasks you can click the ☑️, you will then be able to edit in the same way as with regular tasks, described above.

Completed Task

We'd reccommend checking out Calendar & Scheduling to understand how to best use tasks for staying organised within Kinabase.